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Who needs Assisted Living

Who can benefit from assisted living?

Assisted living tenants are usually seniors who have had a recent decline in health.  Individuals may be needing assistance with activities of daily living.  Tenants who would enjoy living in an active social environment can also benefit from the services of an assisted living. Other tenants move in just to have an extra hand to help them if they may need it.

How do you know if your loved one needs more care?

The general rule of thumb is checking the mental, physical and emotional signs your loved one may be showing. Another sign is caregiver stress. If your loved one shows one of more of these signs, they could benefit from assisted living services. It is always recommended to check with your doctor before making the move to assisted living.

Signs Your Loved One May Need Assisted Living

  1. Mental Signs
    1. Forgetful, confused or lost
    2. Forget about medications and appointments
    3. Struggle paying bills or buying food
    4. Secretive while on the phone
  2. Emotional and Social Signs
    1. Feels lonely and/or depressed
    2. Frustrated or stressed
    3. Takes less interest in things previously enjoyed
    4. Avoid people or social events
  3. Physical Signs
    1. Sleep often/less energy
    2. Change in eating habits
    3. Struggles bathing, walking or dressing
    4. Troubles cleaning their house
    5. Falls often
    6. More medical care than just medications
  4. Caregiver Stress
    1. Angry, sad and anxious about the way things are
    2. Defensive and embarrassed about loved ones condition(s)
    3. Physical and emotionally exhausted and/or ill



The Gardens also provides respite services! If you or your loved one requires a short term stay to recover from illness or injury, or just for some relief for caretakers, The Gardens is here to help. Our cozy respite apartment comes furnished and is available for as little as one night. Our 24/7 staff is available to help with any needs during your respite stay. We also can do a respite stay as a "Trial run" for moving into The Gardens. Come stay with us for a week or two and see how you like living here before making any big commitments!






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