Testimonials - The Gardens Assisted Living at Cherokee



"I have been at The Gardens nearly a year and a half. Since not being able to live in my own home alone, The Gardens has been the next best thing. Staff is always available. They are priceless."- Lois S, tenant

"The Gardens makes me happy, happier than I have ever been!" - George, tenant

"Well I am happy here at The Gardens. I get good care, good food and have a room where I can go take a nap now and then. It is not home, but it is the next best thing to being home. And I have a lot of company and friends here." - Evie, tenant

"I like the Gardens very much, I like having my own room and apartment. I enjoy being with the people, it is very nice to not have to be living alone." - Mary, tenant

"My mother really enjoys staying at The Gardens. Everyone is so friendly and caring here. The meals are good and she gets lots of help and assistance when she needs it while she still remains independent. She really enjoys the activities here especially the kickball and the cooking. She is just really happy to be here at The Gardens. I would recommend The Gardens to anybody." - Kay, daughter

"When I first moved in for the winter I didn't think I would want to stay, but now after being here there is no way I want to go back home. This place is great. Everyone is so nice and willing to help me, I enjoy all of the food, activities and the exercise room. It is fun having so many friends live here too. It is so nice here I don't know why everyone doesn't want to live here. I only wish I had moved here sooner." - Jesse, tenant


"Oh living here is just wonderful, everything is first class up here. I love that they have three good meals a day, they wash my clothes and give me a shower. It's wonderful! My room is beautiful! It has two bedrooms and it is just great. The colors are pretty and they let us put any furniture in here that we want and hang pictures on the walls. It is just very nice here. I also like that we can come and go as we please." -Lois, tenant

"It is peace of mind having my mother live there. When she was at home I always had a fear that she would fall and no one would be there to help. Now she is able to still live on her own at the Gardens, but there is help available to her if she needs it. It was a weight lifted off my shoulders and I felt so comforted knowing she was there. I also like that I know she is eating well and can't potentially hurt herself trying to cook on her own since she cannot see well. It really just is a safety thing and a comfort thing for me. Plus she loves it there!" - Lisa, daughter

“I like everything about the Gardens. The meals are great and on time. When you are in your room the only time they bother you is if you need help with something. There is always entertainment here that I enjoy, too.” Hertha, tenant

"We chose The Gardens because it was the nicest place that we looked at for mom. There are a lot of things I like here. The staff is wonderful, and I like that she is still independent but there is someone here if she needs something. It provides peace of mind knowing that someone is available 24/7 to help Mom." -Shari, daughter

"I truly enjoy making the best meals possible for our tenants. I take great pride in my work and try to make every meal a wonderful dining experience. Having a Chef on our Dietary team creates a true restaurant feel. I spend numerous hours staying up to date on the latest in safety and technology for the dietary department. The Gardens is a wonderful community to live and work in." -Lindi Stykel, Dietary Director




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